So you are a globe-trotter? Or just on a family vacation? Or out on business? No matter what the reason, travelling needs a lot of ground work and a good connaissance of your destinations, the local culture and practices. If you are a solo-traveller, staying in touch becomes one of the most concerns. However with modern technology now at your disposal, there are a lot of options available to stay in easy touch with your folks and family back home. You could either carry phone cards or a personal laptop or you could also avail of VoIP option. All you need is a quick access to a cyber cafe.

Also, seasons is one the most important criterias taken into account while travelling. Travelling in cold weather especially can become a nightmare if you are not well equipped. Whether you are on a winter vacation or on business or on any other outing, visiting locations with freezing temperatures needs a lot of pre-planning and logistics. Here are some packing tips before you get started.

Carrying the most appropriate winter wear like pull overs, sweaters, scarfs, woollen socks and gloves, winter caps etc is a must.  If you are going in extreme cold long underwear and undershirt should also be part of the packing process. Natural fibers – cotton and wool – are a bonus. Remember with the bottom layer (or two) the wool won’t be against your skin, but still effectively protects from the cold. Be prepared. The thing about layers is you can take a layer or two off if you end up inside for a while, such as an airport or stopping at a restaurant for a meal. As it gets colder you could put those layers back on.

Socks that are thick enough to protect your feet and keep them warm are also important. In colder weather also have a hat and scarf. An incredible amount of heat escapes via our head and neck – if we keep those covered we conserve heat.

Long pants are important. This means denim, or if you can’t wear that pick corduroy. Forget dresses, skirts and think slick lightweight pants. Along with it if there is likely to be ice or snow. Forget heels and shoes with slick bottoms – this is not just for fashion but for comfort and safety! Use good quality footwear – even hiking boots are better than dress shoes. Cold weather clothing is easily available online. Go for good branded stuff to ensure safety and protection against harsh temperatures.

Aside of clothing, other essentials include hot packs. These are chemical reaction packs that are popular with backpackers and trekkers. Just give them a squeeze and a shake, and they radiant heat for up to 14 hours. They are great little packets of insurance, and they’re small. Stick a dozen with your car’s cold weather gear. You’ll be very glad you did. Energy snacks too are a must. Sometimes, when winter weather is at it’s worst, you can end up staying in your car, waiting for help to arrive. That may mean waiting for a storm to end, waiting for ice to be cleared, or waiting for daylight to come. Your body will need calories while you wait, so be sure that you have plenty of high energy snack in your cold weather kit to get you through it. And last but not the least, a portable first aid kit ! Antiseptics, bandages, insect bite swabs etc are a few suggestions. If you have a typical health condition, carry in excess the pertinent tablets. Are you willing to buy Calendars, order Family Planners here.