What can we do for you?What Is Playable Ads?

Our company is owns several websites and aligned with powerful advertising networks and hundreds of publisher’s websites, primed and ready to deliver enormous amounts of targeted or untargeted website visitors to your website.


We provide web traffic (only real visitors) since 2005. Over the past 6 years, our programmers and SEO specialists working non-stop to increase our traffic sources and improve the system to allow you to get as many as quality visitors to your website. See Demo


You can buy website traffic and rest easy knowing that your website is getting full exposure at all times.



What can we do for you?

√ 24 hour Unique Visitors

All targeted traffic delivered to your site consists of totally unique visitors, meaning that each visitor is counted only once in a 24 hour period.

√ Targeted Visitors

All targeted traffic is delivered to individuals within the target / preferences that you choose.

Choose among 200 countries, 26 different categories, males or females, specific age range.

FREE CONTROL! you can change any target / preferences at any time.

√ Full Size Page Views

Visitors experience your entire web page, unlike small banner exposures or mini pop ups.

√ Targeted Banner Advertising

Publish a 300×250 banner on our MLM website FriendsList.biz and HobbiesCafé.com.

We know our members by their preferences, so you can be sure you are connecting with real people with real interest in your products. (Counted by impressions)

√ Targeted Text Ad

Write your own text ad. Choose title and ad text color.

Your ad will be displayed by our members preferences. (Counted by impressions)

√ Statistics Reporting

Follow your campaign performance and change the target or campaign status. Track the number of people who have visited your site and get other useful information includes the Date, …