bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus Stepping Out With Steps Qualifiers


PokerStars is now offering “steps” tournaments, wherein players can win entry and vacation packages  for either the European Poker Tour’s bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus Caribbean Adventure (PCA) or Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) events.

The steps system gives players another path into these large buy-in tournaments for cheap. Here’s how it works: Players start at the Step 1 single-table tournaments for either 500 Frequent Player Points (FPP) or $7.50.

Place first or second in Step 1 and receive a $27 (or 1,750 FPP) entry into Step 2. Players who finish third in the Step 1 will win reentry into another Step 1 tournament. Those who finish fourth win $1.50.

Place first or second in the Step 2 and receive an $82 (or 5,125 FPP) entry into Step 3. Players who finish third and fourth in the Step 2 will get to try Step 2 again. The player who finishes fifth wins an entry into Step 1 (basically backtracking a step, but still in the running for the top prize).

The top two players of the Step 3 table win a $215 entry (or 13,500 FTP) into Step 4. Players finishing third to fifth receive and entry into Step 3 to try it again.

Players who finish first and second in Step 4 win a $700 entry into Step 5. Third place receives another shot at Step 4. Fourth- and fifth-place finishers go back to Step 3; and the sixth-place finisher goes back to Step 2.

Finish first or second in Step 5 and you’ll receive a $2,100 ticket into either an 18-player sit-and-go or a single-table sit-and-go where the prize packages are awarded. The two-table satellite will award a prize package to the top three finishers. The single-table satellite will award the winner the package, as well as …