If you’re thinking about playing yoha live online for the first time, you might be well-served by taking a look at an online cardroom guide or two before deciding where to play. I know that some folks just do the knee-jerk thing and choose whatever poker site just ran their most recent advertisement on ESPN, but there are actually a lot of sites which review internet poker rooms, and some of the information that they provide can help you avoid being frustrated with a site that doesn’t meet your needs as a player.

For example, you might be a low-roller. If that’s the case, then you probably want to play at a cardroom which offers $0.01/$0.02, and not all poker sites have stakes that low. Or maybe you like watching texas holdem on tv, but you’d prefer to play five card draw online. You’d probably be pretty frustrated if you downloaded Party Poker only to discover that they don’t have the games or the limits that you want.

We’re particularly fond of this site about online poker rules, because not only can you find out the details of some of the cardrooms they review there, you can also learn to play some new games. Their online poker room reviews include details about player traffic, tournaments, game variety, and bonuses. They’ve also got a great article about online prop play too.

Another site we like consists of nothing but online poker reviews. But unlike many poker review sites, Turning Trips features real reviews that actually show some knowledge of the poker sites under discussion. (Many poker review sites online are thinly disguised collections of sales letters for poker sites.) Read their review of True Poker to see how objective they truly are at this site.

A newer cardroom guide that caught our eye is this guide to online poker rooms which reviews a lot of poker sites that aren’t usually featured on most poker review sites. We enjoyed the concise and sincere perspective these reviews exhibited.

And of course, one of the best places to find honest reviews is through a human edited directory, like the DMOZ online cardroom guides. At the time of this writing, they’re featuring 27 different sites reviewing online cardrooms. Some of these sites are more than just review sites too; they’re actual guides to playing in online card rooms. Definitely worth taking a look at these.

Beware of Casino Affiliate Programs – Masive Frauds and Cheating Reported!

A special report has been released on the large extent of frauds taking place with Indian Matka casino affiliate programs. These are controlled by organized crime operators. Extensive research, real tests, investigations and several complaints have been compiled over the last 8 years. This information has been released by game developers, directors, officers, accountants and programmers. Technical support, sales teams, marketing companies and their licensees are other sources from whom valuable information has been received and compiled. This report confirms that casino affiliate programs do not track real sales properly. 99% to 100% of the sales were not tracked at all leaving the innocent affiliates cheated and robbed. As per figures on the online gambling industry, affiliates get cheated by over a billion dollar each year. Apart from casino licensees, several marketing companies also run dishonest casino affiliate programs which are again based on fraud and cheating.

Their entire business models are based on frauds, and nothing else than frauds, and we are certain about this becuase there is no possible doubt about it. Very naive affiliates wrongly think that bigger is bigger, so they signed up with the bigger companies, including many publinc companies.