Online 온라인카지노 casinos offer the most important amenity of all: bonus money. Online Casino Suite is a directory of certified online casinos, monitored for reliability.

When I think of casino games, I’m thinking of slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker, and poker. That’s about the extent of my awareness, and I have really only played poker, blackjack, and slots, live or online. I didn’t realize that one could play online bingo.

I sure am glad Grandma didn’t live to see this – we’d never get her off the computer!

Ok, so people of all ages like bingo. I know that. I see the parking lot at the Knights of Columbus on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Well, you don’t have to go to the Knights to get your bingo action. Online Casino Suite can point you right to the reliable online bingo rooms, where you can play at very low stakes or higher stakes if you prefer that kind of action. These rooms offer bonuses, and you can play in “play money” or “real money” games, just like we’re used to seeing with the online poker rooms.

One of the concerns most often heard from people that have never wagered online is that they aren’t comfortable with sending their money to some anonymous website. How do I know it isn’t a scam? How do I know the games are legitimate? How do I know the site will pay me my winnings?

These are legitimate concerns. We’ve seen quite a bit of coverage lately of even leading online poker rooms having issues with cheating, along with fly-by-night operators that take deposits then go belly-up. Online Casino Suite maintains a casino blacklist where they list casinos that have had issues with nonpayment of winnings, corrupt gaming, lack of security, and a host of other issues. Seeing this list helps a bettor feel a level of comfort that Online Casino Suite is monitoring the rooms it promotes to insure only quality rooms are represented.

What gray area?

By way of Iggy:

Bonomo agrees, however, that our hypothetical organization’s existence would go a long way toward stopping cheating at its roots: “A set of standardized rules could eliminate the gray areas of cheating. Once everything is defined as right or wrong, it becomes a lot harder to justify the wrong.”

Funny, I never needed anyone to tell me multi-accounting was wrong. But then again, I’m mostly an honest guy.

Until someone defines rules to take the place of your conscience, to provide a path where one shouldn’t be needed, you could always go by the rule that if you feel comfortable posting what you’re doing on a twoplustwo forum, you’re probably not cheating.

Since you didn’t until you were caught, Justin, it’s kind of hard to make the argument that you were operating in a “gray area”.