AP started their VIP program this month, and I was grandfathered in based on my points from past play. They sent a decent reload bonus offer, good for today only – 50% up to $500. Tomorrow, I can pick up an additional 20% for $200, but I may pass. AP bonuses take a while to clear for the single-tabler – it works out to about 1pt for every $.10 of bonus. So, I have to clear 2500 raked hands with rake greater than $.50.

Yeah, teh suck.

But, I’m running so bad right now I need a change. Not losing big money on a daily basis, but I am losing small amounts consistently. I won’t reprise last night’s temper tantrum, but I continue to get my money in good, yadda, yadda, yadda…

So, I’m going to play some ring games at AP. I had a small profit in a 2/4 LHE hit-and-run session right after making the deposit, then picked up another $100 in a .5/1 NL game this afternoon. AP allows a buy-in of 200BBs, so it allows for alot of play. I’m not really taking a ‘break’ from the SNGs, just de-emphasizing them for a little while. I want to set myself a goal for ring games (yeah, yeah, don’t be results-driven, I know…). I don’t chase bonuses much because I struggle to break even in ring games. But, I thought it might be interesting to see if I can triple my $500 deposit to $1500 by the time I clear the final $10 of the $250. Perhaps some time spent focused on ring games will do me, and my game, some good.


Rough couple of days. I’d suspect bad play if it weren’t for losing with KK vs. 77 twice to get busted, losing with AJ to A9, and God forbid my opponent makes a lousy call pre-flop because he has two live cards… runner-runner flushes, I’m used to, but how many times am I going to be beaten by runner-runner gutshots?



Dear Karma,

I do not doubt your powers.

But really, you owe me.




indo slot 88 catch up on my blogs, so apologies if I’m out of the loop. I’m all kinds of busy this week. If I can’t turn the poker around in the next few hours, I may just bag it for the week since my time stresses aren’t going to make it anyeasier. If there’s one thing I can pinpoint that I’m doing wrong, it’s that I’m playing too passively in key situations. I need to be doing ALOT more stealing to gather what chips I can so I’m not always short-stacked at critical moments.

Lord knows, I can’t count on dominant hands to hold up.