The Endoscopy Revolution

Endoscopic surgery has been an exciting new field in recent years, as the development of safe, reliable medical video systems has opened new realms of possibilty to all areas of medicine.

Nowhere is this development more exciting that its uses in Plastic Surgery, particularly with regards to breast augmentation.

Traditional breast augmentation techniques have always faced a trade-off with regards to locating the incision. The incision in the armpit area frees the breast itself of the incision, and increaes the aesthetic result by eliminating the scar on the breast area. The drawback being that the surgeon is unable to directly see the area where the implant is to be placed, and is limited in shaping and enlarging the implant pocket.

The breast incision allows for the best visualization of the implant pocket, but puts the incision in a visually undesireable area – right on the breast itself.

Now, by use of the endoscope, we can offer both the smallest, most desireable incision, while still maintaining the advantages of visualization and control over the pocket and implant placement itself.

Advantages of Endoscopy

In endoscopic surgery, a probe with a tiny camera transmits images inside the body to a video monitor. The tiny “eye” of the endoscope’s camera allows a surgeon to view the surgical site clearly and easily. With endoscopic surgery, your scars are hidden, and much smaller. In the majority of our cases, the incision site fades very quickly, and becomes barely noticeable after only a few months. Also, because of the smaller incision, the after effects and recovery time are greatly improved. Because the incisions are shorter with endoscopy, the risks of surgery are also much smaller and with the endoscopic approach, you should recover more quickly and return to work earlier than if you had undergone open surgery.

Additionally, we have the only surgery clinic in the state of Hawaii to hold the AAASF class “C” accreditation for a surgical clinic – their highest and most demanding level of certification. This type of certification is equivalent to the types of requirements that large hospitals must comply with.

Although there are other competent surgeons in the Honolulu area, this is why we feel that none is more qualified and capable than Dr. Rizzo. We are confident you will consider Dr. Rizzo as your first choice should you decide that breast augmentation is right for you. For any Dermatology marketing inquiries, contact Dermatologist marketing agency