Both the other guys call. Hmm, one of them has two Casino Malaysia? Or trips?

The turn is a queen of clubs. I want to find out if one of them has hit a flush, but I am not sure what will tell me that. Any small bet will get called regardless with the Casino Malaysia so big. A big bet is likely to get called if one of them hit the queen just as much as if they had the flush. Neither of them are giving of signals of strength though. The most likely scenario I can imagine is that one of them has second or third pair and one of them is on a draw to a flush, and right now my hand is best, with a draw to the nuts.

I bet $50. Both call.

The river is a club, and the board hasn’t paired. How do I get the most possible from these guys? I have them both covered, one guy has $40 left and the other $65. The pot is so huge, what does it matter. I go all in, rather than just bet enough to put them both all in – I figure that might look a bit more like a ‘buy the pot’ bluff than a considered bet.

The guy with $40 folds and the other calls. He had Qh 10d – 2nd pair with no draw on a four flushed board. His mate showed as well, he had ace high with a weak kicker – yeah, good fold mate. The mug punter had paired on the flop with a 4 or a 5 or something and had pushed with bottom pair.

‘Argh, you rivered the flush’ one of them says and makes other noises complaining about his, apparent, bad beat, not even realizing he was 2nd to my king in any event.

Sometimes you know, I really …

Glenn Beck on MSNBC Promo: WTH?!?

Glenn Beck’s biggest nightmare has come true.

The former Fox News host blasted MSNBC on his radio show yesterday, taking the network to task for a promo that features Melissa Harris-Perry telling viewers that “kids belong to whole communities,” not just their parents.

Watch the ad in question now:

“It’s almost a parody of reality,” Beck said of the spot. “It is so far beyond what we have ever thought as a nation, it’s remarkable.”

Beck didn’t stop there, of course. He connected the clip with far larger issues plaguing society, things he has “warned” folks about for years.

“I think that there’s a good 20 to 30% of America, maybe even higher now… [that] will gladly have the State take that over so they don’t have to worry about it,” he ranted.

“Yet another one of your responsibilities taken from you – I’m sorry.  Another one of your responsibilities that you will gladly hand over because you don’t know what to do.  And so they will do it for you: Don’t worry! We’ll raise your kids.  We’ll train your kids.  We’ll educate your kids because it’s working out so well.”

We sense some sarcasm from the pundit at the end there.

Overall, Beck sees this ad and all is represents as “the fulfillment of so many things that we have said on this program.”

And don’t even get him started on Glee!

With its traditional bright colors and floral patterns, Easter fashion seems like a terrific fit for First Lady Michelle Obama. Check out her outfit yesterday:

For this year’s festivities, Michelle and the First Family attended Easter Sunday services at St. John’s Episcopal Church in our nation’s capital city.

Wearing a beautiful Prabal Gurung ensemble we’ve seen before, Michelle Obama paired a white dress and matching coat with …

Tips on travelling in cold weather


So you are a globe-trotter? Or just on a family vacation? Or out on business? No matter what the reason, travelling needs a lot of ground work and a good connaissance of your destinations, the local culture and practices. If you are a solo-traveller, staying in touch becomes one of the most concerns. However with modern technology now at your disposal, there are a lot of options available to stay in easy touch with your folks and family back home. You could either carry phone cards or a personal laptop or you could also avail of VoIP option. All you need is a quick access to a cyber cafe.

Also, seasons is one the most important criterias taken into account while travelling. Travelling in cold weather especially can become a nightmare if you are not well equipped. Whether you are on a winter vacation or on business or on any other outing, visiting locations with freezing temperatures needs a lot of pre-planning and logistics. Here are some packing tips before you get started.

Carrying the most appropriate winter wear like pull overs, sweaters, scarfs, woollen socks and gloves, winter caps etc is a must.  If you are going in extreme cold long underwear and undershirt should also be part of the packing process. Natural fibers – cotton and wool – are a bonus. Remember with the bottom layer (or two) the wool won’t be against your skin, but still effectively protects from the cold. Be prepared. The thing about layers is you can take a layer or two off if you end up inside for a while, such as an airport or stopping at a restaurant for a meal. As it gets colder you could put those layers back on.

Socks that are thick enough to protect your feet …

slot online WCOOP Extreme Satellites


slot online WCOOP Extreme SatellitesThe 2010 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) starts on September 5th with 62 exciting Events (compared to 45 last year) and $50,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools. The 2010 WCOOP is the largest online poker tournament EVER held, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a World Champion of Poker you can qualify for just $5.50 by starting out in a satellite. That’s not all, PokerStars are giving their players an even better chance of getting in on the action with WCOOP Extreme Satellites, interested? Read on:-

PokerStars World Championship of Poker (WCOOP) Extreme Satellites start on 21st August and run three times a day until August 29th. There are hundreds of extra WCOOP Seats to be won worth more than $500,000 – this is an opportunity NOT to be missed!

Party Poker $100,000 Snowball Freerolls

This is the latest promotion from Party Poker and you’ll just love it. There’s $5,000 in cash to win and freeroll entries worth a total $100,000 up for grabs.

This promotion is so simple to enjoy and will suit every bankroll, fantastic!

All you have to do is earn points by doing what you love best – playing real money poker tables at Party Poker.

Your prizes will get bigger the more you play (just like a snowball duh!), You’ll keep everything you win as you move up through the levels and, remember, cash prizes are paid into your poker account immediately!

If you’ve not yet got a Party Poker Account get one NOW so you can join in the Snowball fun – along with all the other cool things going on at Party. For an honest insight into Party Poker see our Party Poker Review and our Party Poker Bonus Code page for getting …

Air from concerts of Kanye West is sold ​​on eBay


Fans of Kanye West, who have the opportunity to attend his concerts, decided to cash in on those fans of his work, who for some reason can not afford it. Bags full of air from show of the popular actor were put on the internet auction on eBay. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

Currently you can find dozens of such proposals, which, at first glance, seem absurd, on eBay. The cost of these items range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

According to The Telegraph, “The most expensive package with a “concert” air was sold for 60 thousand dollars”.

The owner of the lot claimed that he stood in the forefront on the Kanye West concert in Pennsylvania and carefully stacked the sweat of the artist into it. However, no evidence that the American was really close to the rapper, was not revealed. As a result, online auction management decided to withdraw such a controversial item from the auction two days before graduation.

Numerous eBay customers immediately began to parody greedy users of Internet site by selling packages with “a real air from concert of Kanye.” In addition to these packages on eBay at the moment you can buy bags of air from performances of Justin Bieber and a pop band “One Direction”.

End of friendship: Elton John called to boycott Dolce & Gabbana

It looks like Elton John’s friendship with designer duo of Dolce & Gabbana came to an end. The singer urged his fans to boycott the Italian brand. The reason for discontent of the British singer and composer was interview of the designers to Italian magazine Panorama, namely – criticism of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana about same-sex marriage and artificial conception.

In an interview the designers said …

High Stakes slot online with Daniel Negreanu


Brand new and exclusive to slot online, the legendary poker player, Daniel Negreanu, has designed an area in the Pokerstars lobby, Daniel’s Room, where you can play on high stakes cash game tables. This is your opportunity to play against the man himself and other high stakes players and test your poker skills. Furthermore, if you impress the great man (Daniel!) with your excellent poker you could find yourself on a future PokerStars TV show, how cool is that!!

If you’re not a high stakes player, but just love your poker, you can still join the excitement. Daniel’s Room tables will be open to observers, yes, you can rail and follow the action – Daniel will even be chatting to the observers as he plays.

In Daniel’s Room there will be a limited number of high stake cash game tables, there will be six handed no limit hold’em games in the following limits

$20/$40 ($10 ante)

$50/$100 ($25 ante)

$100/$200 ($50 ante)

To find these exciting tables go through the PokerStars Lobby to Hold’em/No Limit/Pot Limit / High then you will note the tables signified by DR in red on the left, alternatively, there is the option to ‘show only Daniel’s Room’ in the Hold’em ring game filter.

If you are new player to PokerStars be assured that you will not regret signing up to the BIGGEST online poker site on the planet, there truly is something for every player, whatever your bank roll. There are opportunities to brush up your skills and enjoy a good game amongst players of similar skills and levels using play money until you are confident enough to splash some cash! The Live Game Satellites start from just $2.20 so you could be off playing in a world class tournament wearing the PokerStars …

A new sanghoki champion is crowned


Much to the chagrin of the spectators at the Bellagio, Tom “Durrrr” Dwan didn’t make the televised final table of the WPT Championship, where he would have been sporting yet another wacky hat.

On the plus side, the final table included Gus Hansen, 2007 Aussie Millions champion and sanghoki legend. He was also set to take out the title, coming into the final table as the chip leader.

Afetr knocking out Cory Carroll, the second in chip counts, Gus rocketed to an almost unstoppable lead. In heads-up play, David Chiu held approximately 4 million chips, where Gus was sitting pretty on 23 million. The title was all but his.

Well, after a lengthy heads-up match including several double-ups, David Chiu came back to win the title and over $3,300,000. On the final hand, Gus had a ten and eight for two pair, where David held a pair of Aces with a flush draw. Gus moved all in on the turn, and David called. The river was another Ace, and David eliminated Gus Hansen in second place!

A tropical time at the WPT Championship

Heh. Apparently online pro Tom “Durrrr” Dwan lost a prop bet to a friend of his, Alan Sass, and was obligated to wear a funny hat throughout the entire WPT Championship, running right now at the Bellagio.

The final hat was chosen to be this nifty number, complete with a giant purple feather and fruit. How can he be nervous when he looks as stupid as that!

He won’t be going home anytime soon, either – at the conclusion of Day 1B, Durrrr sits near the top of the chip counts with 120,000. Good luck!

Our biggest Caribbean Stud jackpot ever!

After only recently reporting that our Caribbean Stud jackpot has been paying out thousands of …

bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus Stepping Out With Steps Qualifiers


PokerStars is now offering “steps” tournaments, wherein players can win entry and vacation packages  for either the European Poker Tour’s bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus Caribbean Adventure (PCA) or Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) events.

The steps system gives players another path into these large buy-in tournaments for cheap. Here’s how it works: Players start at the Step 1 single-table tournaments for either 500 Frequent Player Points (FPP) or $7.50.

Place first or second in Step 1 and receive a $27 (or 1,750 FPP) entry into Step 2. Players who finish third in the Step 1 will win reentry into another Step 1 tournament. Those who finish fourth win $1.50.

Place first or second in the Step 2 and receive an $82 (or 5,125 FPP) entry into Step 3. Players who finish third and fourth in the Step 2 will get to try Step 2 again. The player who finishes fifth wins an entry into Step 1 (basically backtracking a step, but still in the running for the top prize).

The top two players of the Step 3 table win a $215 entry (or 13,500 FTP) into Step 4. Players finishing third to fifth receive and entry into Step 3 to try it again.

Players who finish first and second in Step 4 win a $700 entry into Step 5. Third place receives another shot at Step 4. Fourth- and fifth-place finishers go back to Step 3; and the sixth-place finisher goes back to Step 2.

Finish first or second in Step 5 and you’ll receive a $2,100 ticket into either an 18-player sit-and-go or a single-table sit-and-go where the prize packages are awarded. The two-table satellite will award a prize package to the top three finishers. The single-table satellite will award the winner the package, as well as …

$13, 000 sanghoki Jackpot Win!


What would you do with $13,000 odd dollars? A holiday? A car? All down on 31 black? Personally, I don’t know…I’ve never had to think about it, I don’t have that kind of money.

kipperlink on the other hand will have to after striking lucky in the sanghoki stud 20c Jackpot with a royal flush! Congratulations kipperlink on winning a jackpot total of $13,319.09! Though the winnings didn’t stop there with the dealer qualifying with a pair of 5’s, for kipperlink to pick up an extra $204 on the hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker is our most recent casino game addition here at carbon poker and has seen several big jackpot payouts of late including a $25,000 win only a few weeks ago. With payouts like this to be had, what are you waiting for!

Day 3: Badugi Battle

Here at, Badugi would undoubtedly be one of our less popular game types. So to see over 250 players enter into today’s Badugi championship tournament was certainly a welcome surprise and made for a neat $1260 prize pool.

The third event in the Summer Champs once again saw regular avatars and screen names filling out the tables for some intense Badugi. Both previous tournaments’ second place getters (satanicmonkey and jerry13) placed close to the 20th mark and this will certainly help cement their position on the summer champs leader board.

The final 2 tables bore witness to some rigorous game play with everyone in the final six taking turns as chip leader, however the game wore on until some big hands saw six drop to three in quick succession before lestage35 quickly did away with vedel888 and bobbyolson respectively to claim victory.

Tomorrow will see a No Limit Holdem Turbo challenge, followed by a 5 Card Draw championship, before the …

I’m Sorry, It’s Not True slot gacor


It was a glitch, nothing more.

Apparently, some of you received emails that were either from me or generated from an old WPBT mailing list in which I announced a June WPBT event at the Aladdin Casino. slot gacor , that email was more than a year and a half old and was re-sent by mistake.

I’m not sure how it happened, but I do apologize if people started making plans or getting excited by the prospect.

I have no doubt that there will be a summer WPBT event in 2007. I’m not sure who will take the lead, but I have a feeling it won’t be me. If it is, I’ll certainly let you know. I hope to see you all there… whenever and wherever that is!

Experimental Otis

This year plodded by like a horrible movie you rent and then feel compelled to watch because you dropped $3 on it. Each passing month seemed more laborious than the one before. Poker had gone poorly and the other superficial parts of my life had not gone much better. Had it not been for the love of my family and friends, it would’ve been the kind of year that would make a guy pretty damned depressed. The fourth quarter of the year had proven to be worse than the rest of the year and I had pretty much decided to put 2006 to bed. That is, I was not going to go to Las Vegas.

And then I did.

I only told a couple of people I was going to go. At first, it was because I wasn’t sure whether I was actually going to be able to make it. Professional concerns had manifested themselves into something I was privately calling, “a real fucking issue.” And, anyone who has …