The turn is a queen of clubs. I want to find out if one of them has hit a flush, but I am not sure what will tell me that. Any small bet will get called regardless with the Casino Malaysia so big. A big bet is likely to get called if one of them hit the queen just as much as if they had the flush. Neither of them are giving of signals of strength though. The most likely scenario I can imagine is that one of them has second or third pair and one of them is on a draw to a flush, and right now my hand is best, with a draw to the nuts.

I bet $50. Both call.

The river is a club, and the board hasn’t paired. How do I get the most possible from these guys? I have them both covered, one guy has $40 left and the other $65. The pot is so huge, what does it matter. I go all in, rather than just bet enough to put them both all in – I figure that might look a bit more like a ‘buy the pot’ bluff than a considered bet.

The guy with $40 folds and the other calls. He had Qh 10d – 2nd pair with no draw on a four flushed board. His mate showed as well, he had ace high with a weak kicker – yeah, good fold mate. The mug punter had paired on the flop with a 4 or a 5 or something and had pushed with bottom pair.

‘Argh, you rivered the flush’ one of them says and makes other noises complaining about his, apparent, bad beat, not even realizing he was 2nd to my king in any event.

Sometimes you know, I really like this game.

I hit two more good hands which won me some small to middling pots. The table seemed to be avoiding me now for some reason. The last pot I took down was with K Q in late position. Raised pre flop and got two callers. Nothing hit on the flop, it was checked to me and I bet out $20, about 2/3rds of the pot and got one caller and a fold. The turn was a blank for me, but I think gave the caller a pair of nines. He makes a $10 bet and I raise him to $60. He folds.

It is just coming up for 2am and no one wants to play with me any more. Also, no good cards come for a while, so I figure my rush has ended. That’s enough for the night for me anyway and I cash out.

So yes, I think rushes do happen too. Maybe it can be explained in probability – where there are ‘clumps’ of results together, but that smooth out over a large sample size. There is no doubt it occurs in number theory – just look at prime number groupings. What you can’t do is predict when they will happen, or when they will end, of course. I just have to remind myself more not to get impatient and wait for the good hands – which will come – eventually.

  1. And I never did get paged for the $200 game. By the time I figured they must have skipped by my name on the list, the pickings were too good at the electronic table to leave anyway.

pps. The downside of the evening was that the cashier paid me out with $50 bills and not $100’s as they always do, so I was denied the small pleasure of seeing those crisp green ones peeling off. Oh well, I will just have to live with my disappointment this time.